May's Days Book

This fascinating tale tells of an ordinary Middleton lass, who lived through hardship and war, went on to leave her hometown and live a somewhat 'colourful' life (in more ways than one) in the picturesque city of York where she still lives today, with many happy memories of her life in Middleton.

Along with her husband, Frank, May Webb (nee Partington) took the opportunity to embrace a life in the photography business. Ahead of her time, she mastered her photography skills, working both behind and in front of the camera on occasions, both of which was unusual and the latter, a little risqué for a woman in the 1950s, but always in an artistic manner. She also modelled for art college students, as well as practising her own passion for art.

She has dived with the dolphins, narrowly missed being mistaken for a seal and shot at, been chauffeured around York in the Mayor's car and rubbed shoulders with celebrities, as her acclaimed work beckoned her into a life of glitz and glamour. Beautiful colour photographs not only enhance the tale, but show 'evidence' of what might sound a little far-fetched to some. After all, we are talking about a Middleton lass here aren't we? And now one in her 9th decade of life! This is a tale that had to be told.

Now aged 85, May tells us of a long life, tinged with sadness at times, remembering tragic family and friend losses throughout, but her story is told in the almost innocent, but witty and charming manner of a true lady, who has been there and seen the lot, is tremendously resilient, and has accepted that life comes with its downs as well as ups.

Always at the forefront of technology, and even today, a Photoshop enthusiast, she tells us about the first computers that most of us can only wonder about. She tells us of the supernatural gift she is blessed, or rather cursed with; a road she chose not to go down, but strongly believes in.

Jim and I have been delighted to help May put her words to print and also to become published, which could be considered the final adventure and a line under this wonderful life she has had and continues to enjoy. Maybe she can now retire in peace while we all enjoy her story, which was initially intended for her family and circle of friends, but which we now hope, with her blessing, many others will enjoy too.

Here is, to May and her days.

Author: May Webb

ISBN: 978-1-908616-71-5

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