Cleaner air bio-oil candles & accessories

LightMe Bio-oil Candles overcome the harmful nature of traditional candles. Their blend of vegetable oils create the perfect ambience whilst being one of the safest real flame candles in the world. The mix of oils is formulated to create a safer candle for you and the environment. 

Traditional candles are made from paraffin (a fossil fuel) and can contain harmful emissions and high levels of soot. LightMe Bio-oil Candles have 1000 times less soot. No more cleaning a black film from your surfaces.

The candles extinguish when knocked over and create no mess from spills like a wax candle would. With a 35-40 hour burn time per candle, LightMe Bio-oil Candles do not have to cost the earth. The candles can then be disposed of in line with local recycling conditions and simply replaced by a new candle. There is no need to alter the wick or the candle in any way. 

LightMe candles can be used on their own, with a variety of candle lamps or with the specially designed range of lamps here on the page, which have been designed to enhance the atmosphere the candles create whilst increasing their safety.