Become a Partner

Would you like to be a 'partner' of the Middleton Collection?

Do you live in Middleton and paint, write or make quality crafted items that could be showcased in the Middleton Collection online shop? We are looking for items from books, cards, art, gifts, home decorations and even furniture and other home decor and soft furnishings. The more unusual and quirky, the better!

The trend is for the item to have a Middleton theme of some kind but this isn't necessarily a strict rule. Items can be included if the Middleton connection is the maker themselves! Likewise, you may no longer live in the area but might, for example, produce written works relating to the area from knowledge, experience or research.

Some basic criteria

Only items of an acceptable quality will be accepted to be showcased on the site. For example certain items such as toys should have been be tested and carry the standard safety labels required by law if they are to be sold to the general public. Items that are too fragile to be packed up and sent out in the post without risk of damage are generally not appropriate for a mail order business.

Photographs provided for the product pages should be good enough quality or taken by a professional photographer. Dark, out of focus photos like you see on social media selling pages will not be acceptable. When you are selling yourself, it is in your interest  to make the effort to look as professional as possible. The items sent out to the customer should match the image shown as much as possible, even if the item is individually hand-made. The customer is expecting to receive what they see on the page. The Middleton Collection cannot showcase one-off items and at least a small stock of the same item must be available to be featured.

Products featuring artwork that may breach copyright law (such as Disney images) will not be accepted unless a legitimate license to use the images has been purchased, seen by us and accepted.

Partners must agree to check their emails for orders at least once a day and be prepared to post items out promptly upon receipt of an order from a customer. The reputation we wish to achieve is quality and a reliable service.

How we work together

Here's how it works. Once we are in agreement to feature a product, you must provide a good image, description including materials, dimensions or whatever applies to the product. You must source suitable packaging material and work out the postage cost by the overall packaged weight which is fairly easy to do with online calculators.

Once we have all the necessary information, we put the product on the website with all details along with postage and packing costs, which will be paid by the customer upon purchase.

If an order comes through to us, we simply pass that order over to you to post out to the customer directly. We do not hold any of your stock, nor do we deal with the packaging and posting. We simply take the order and pass it on to you.
(Please note that we cannot guarantee sales of your products and any items that do not sell at all will be removed after a fixed period of time to free space. There will be an option to reduce the cost as a sale item before removal if required).

We also take the payment which will be forwarded on to you minus our selling commission of just 15% so if you sell goods to the value of £10, we take just £1.50 and you will receive £8.50. If you sell goods to the value of £50, we take £7.50 and you receive £42.50, and so on. This is a relatively low selling fee and commission will only be taken on the price of the product. Your postage fee will be fully reimbursed as paid by the customer.

If this sounds agreeable to you, then drop us an email and let's see what we can work out!