About Us

The Middleton Collection is a brand that has been created to provide a showcase of Middleton talent all in one place. This includes writers, artists, craftspeople, other manufacturers and people who make Middleton related products or produce Middleton related material.

As well as providing the above platform, the Middleton Collection has two aims. It is also for customers who like to support local businesses and who can be assured that is precisely what they will be doing when shopping here. A high percentage of the money you spend here will go back into the local economy rather than elsewhere, as it does when you shop at the bigger name retailers and supermarkets.

We strive to offer items of an unusual or quirky nature that aren't mass produced and that you wouldn't normally find on the high street, thus giving you a nice variety of unique products to browse in each category listed. These items have been specially selected for the 'brand'. It is hoped that this range will grow from humble beginnings to start with.

As an online shop, the Middleton Collection is able to offer goods at lower prices than would be possible with all the extra overheads of a real shop.

Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us. 

Please note that The Middleton Collection has made a decision that we will NOT pester customers to rate products bought from us, nor to rate the service received by us, as we recognise that this is increasingly becoming an unwanted nuisance to online buyers.

The creator of The Middleton Collection, Colette A. Wagstaffe, is a keen artist, author, photographer, researcher, self-taught historian and proud Middletonian. During the course of her work, she has noticed a level of demand for certain Middleton themed products by some of the more passionate Middletonians with a similar interest in all aspects, as well as pride, in the town they call home, even if no longer living here.

You can take the person out of Middleton but you can't take Middleton out of the person, and so, The Middleton Collection was born.

It is hoped that the 'brand' will slowly grow into a good range of quality home and giftware, enabling people to find much of what is available out there all in one place; a place that doesn't currently exist, but potentially could.

It's early days yet but we hope to be able to update this section as we go along. Only time will tell.